Traditional and religious services

Faiths, beliefs and cultural practices form a fundamental part of the lives of many people in Australia. These beliefs and practices often become more significant at times of personal crisis and isolation such as during illness, and when faced with bereavement.

We work closely with people from all faiths and backgrounds and can provide a range of religious services.

A traditional or religious service can be conducted by your local minister or Majestic Funerals can arrange a minister on your behalf. The funeral can be held in your local church, chapel, place of worship, temple or at the cathedaral.

Non-religious funeral services

Increasingly, more Australians are choosing to have a non-religious funeral service. These personalised services tend to focus more exclusively on the deceased, celebrating their life, personality and achievements. This celebration of their life is often expressed through music, poetry, a photo presentation and eulogy.

Of course, the service can still include hymns or prayers and the service can be held in a venue which has meaning to the deceased and family, including the family home, sporting club, or favourite location i.e. beach or park.

Burial or cremation

The choice between burial and cremation is a very personal one and may be influenced by many factors, including family tradition, religion or the wishes of the person who has died.

Our Burial and Cremation page outlines the options available and may help you decide which is best for you and you loved one.

No Attendance funeral

In some circumstances, people choose to have no ceremony. This is called a No-Attendance Funeral.

Majestic Funerals will arrange all the necessary paperwork and care of the deceased but there is no funeral service held.

The No-Attendance Funeral can be ordered online via our website or over the phone with our friendly staff.

The No-Attendance Funeral service allows for the deceased to be either buried or cremated and Majestic Funerals will arrange:

  • Transfer to our mortuary
  • The necessary hygienic preparation and care of the deceased
  • Supply of a coffin (price inclusive, howver larger coffins incur additional costs)
  • Procurement of the necessary Death Certificates and Cremation Permit (when required)
  • Completion of a Registration of Death